What’s the secret to turning the visitors you already have into more leads, prospects, and clients…without doing more work?

Website Design for Certified CoachesAs a certified coach, your website can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. If you’re like most coaches, it’s an enemy. Why? It all comes down to CGWA.

You’re not like everyone else. Coaches offer an incredibly powerful and unique service, which is why they require an equally-unique process to turn visitors into clients–and why every SavvyHippo site is built with our Client-Generating Website Architecture (CGWA).

Every website we create for certified coaches comes with specific elements built into it, systems designed to turn the right visitors into leads, then prospects, and finally paying clients…on autopilot.

But when those pieces are missing, as they are from nearly every coach’s website, succeeding as a coach becomes an uphill battle.

Imagine a business in which 97% of its visitors never purchase a single item and never return to the store. That’s the reality faced by most coaches. Because of the way their websites are structured, up to 97% of their visitors and would-be clients are turned away and never return.

It’s no wonder why so many coaches struggle to grow their businesses when the basic fundamentals of client generation are missing. When their website–their main hub and face to the world–is broken, the dominoes begin to fall.

Instead of a consistent flow of ideal prospects and clients…

They never know when their next client will appear or where that client will come from
They’re making a lot less money than they had hoped for when they first started coaching
They constantly feel stressed and frustrated and afraid about what they’re going to do and what their family is going to do
They question if coaching is the right path and if all the time and money invested in becoming certified was worth it
They criticize themselves for not being better, for not doing better, for failing to live up to the dream they had when everything was new and exciting
Coaches blame themselves for their struggles when in fact so much of it has to do with the one thing few of them ever consider…the foundation of their brand and business, the source of their image and message…their website.
Jason and SavvyHippo worked with me from the ground up, helping me define my niche, refine my brand and target audience, build a site that is competitive and highly-attractive, and create a lead magnet that brought me thousands of subscribers in the first weeks after launching. The icing on the cake is that Jason is simply a great guy. I can’t recommend their services highly enough.

Barrie Davenport
Author & Certified Life Purpose Coach


Absolutely. When someone visits your site, they must see certain things presented in a certain way if they’re going to join your coaching program (your value proposition above the fold or three entry points into your client funnel, for example). Why? Because nearly every client follows a specific path from lead to prospect to client.

And if that path is missing or broken, you lose them forever.

This is precisely why the worst thing you can do as a certified coach is merely list your coaching program details on your site and call it good. This is how you lose 97% of your potential clientele.

Having a website isn’t enough. It must be the right type of website, structured in such a way that maximizes the chance a visitor will follow the path from uninformed stranger to paying client.

At this point I hope you see the need for a website designed with a coach in mind. So what’s a coach to do? Often, it comes down to three choices.


Option One: Do It Yourself

The first option is to do it all yourself. This sounds like a great idea to begin with, but as you probably already know, it doesn’t end well. Not only does this cost a lot of money and consume a lot of time, but it rarely works. Like coaching itself, branding, website strategy, design, copywriting, etc. are specialties that take years to master. In the end, the do-it-yourselfer spends less time coaching and more time confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed.


Option Two: Use a Template

The second option is to use a template or service like SquareSpace. These seem like a miracle…a gorgeous website with the click of a button! Not quite. Templates still require the right images, the right branding, the right offers, and the right words to work. Not only that, but they’re built for the general public, not certified coaches. They’re cookie-cutter websites that don’t begin to consider a coach’s value proposition, client funnel, lead magnet, strategy session, coaching offer, etc. The puzzle of a coach’s website has many moving parts, most of which are completely missing from generic templates.


Option Three: Hire It Out

The final option is to hire a web designer or an agency. If they specialize in coaches, by all means proceed (as long as the price and results are right). Unfortunately, most designers and agencies, like the templates above, create websites for anyone from dog walkers to dentists. They don’t have the time or expertise to truly understand the unique needs of a coach nor are they going to understand the client funnel that needs to be built into every page of your site. Not to mention fees that often range between $7,000 to $10,000.

Tens of thousands of coaches are struggling to keep up, not because they’re bad at what they do, but because their websites are working against them and there didn’t seem to be a proven solution to the problem. That’s why we’ve created something different.
Working with Jason has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. He is exceptionally reliable, consistent and always seems to bring exactly what I need to the table to move to the next step, not to mention his well-honed business strategy skills, his branding, and his web and graphic design skills are outstanding.

Tom Kornbluh
Georgetown Professor & Executive Business Consultant

Introducing SavvyHippo Website Design

I started my career in business with a marketing degree from UW-Madison (Go Badgers!) and a dream of making it in the corporate world. Turns out fate had different plans.

I never made it working for someone else, but things took off when I decided to go it alone. Over the course of 10+ years, I was able to launch a top-ranked personal development website with millions of visitors, grow an audience of 135,000 email subscribers, and sell $1,000,000 worth of my books, courses, and consulting.

When the time came for a new direction, I decided to funnel all that I had learned about branding, strategy, and design into a new company, SavvyHippo, and create a platform dedicated to helping those who’ve dedicated themselves to helping others.

Having worked in the personal development field for so long, I witnessed firsthand just how powerful coaching can be. I also witnessed just how essential an effective website was to their brand, their reputation, and their results…and how so few had what they needed.

Most coaches have brochure sites that may (or may not) look nice, but what they need is a site that works well. I created SavvyHippo to offer both: a beautiful design combined with proven systems to turn visitors into leads, leads into prospects, and prospects into paying clients.

When you have a website that actually works at the foundation of your coaching business, the struggles of the past quickly disappear…

You’ll no longer worry about when and from where your next client will arrive. Automated systems turn the visitors you’re already getting into leads, prospects, and clients, which means you’ll enroll more clients while doing the same amount of work.
You’ll no longer stress about money. With client-generating features built into your website, you get to decide how many clients you want and how much income you want to earn.
You’ll no longer feel confused or frustrated or overwhelmed. With an easy-to-understand client funnel in place, you’ll know exactly how the game works and exactly what you need to do to grow your coaching business.
You’ll no longer waste your talents. With a website that works, you’ll finally get to focus on doing what you do best–coaching clients to incredible results.
A SavvyHippo site will help you enroll more clients, earn more income, and have more fun doing what you love. But how exactly does it work?
I highly recommend Jason Gracia if you want to become a success in your field. He’s smart, business savvy, and has high integrity. Jason is known as ‘The Coach’s Coach’ for good reason…his system helps you take your knowledge and turn it into a thriving practice, step by step.

James Roche
Lead Coach, Ali Brown Intl


As an experienced coach, chances are you’ve seen promises like these before. Everywhere we look we’re being sold another magic cure to our problems. This time around, though, there’s no magic, no tricks, just effective branding, strategy, and design tailored specifically to certified coaches. Let’s take a closer look at the SavvyHippo process…

Step One: Clarify Your Branding

The first step to succeeding as a coach is getting crystal clear about what you do and for whom you do it. A vague or generic brand message (also called a value proposition) will fall flat in the market, so every client begins with a close examination of their coaching niche (what) and their target market (who).

If you’ve ever struggled with figuring our your niche or who you should be working with, this step will leave you with clear answers to both. Together we’ll help you make the right choices based on a simple three step process.

Step Two: Develop Your Funnel

With the brand message dialed in, we’ll shift our focus to developing the SavvyHippo Client Funnel™, a series of three unique offers that guides the right visitor from stranger to lead to prospect to client. This step includes…

  • Setting up an email marketing system (if you don’t already have one), creating a custom giveaway to build your list, and writing a welcome email to promote your coaching program and invite new subscribers to book a free strategy session…
  • Creating a free strategy session offer–or improving the one you’ve got–and setting up a calendar system to allow visitors to quickly and easily book appointments…
  • And creating a compelling coaching offer along with an application for interested prospects.
When combined, the SavvyHippo Client Funnel™ automatically guides the right visitors from leads (email subscriber) to prospect (free session request) to paying client (coaching program offer). Before you have to do a single thing, visitors will already be subscribed to your list, scheduled for a free enrollment call, and excited about what you have to offer.

That’s the power of a client funnel.

But the pieces work just as well individually. Depending on a visitor’s interest level, they can enter your funnel at any place. Cold visitors can request your lead magnet and join your email list, warm visitors can learn about your free coaching session and schedule a complimentary call, and hot visitors can learn about your coaching program and apply to become a client. No matter where they are in the client cycle, you can make an offer that’s just right.

Combined or separate, the funnel will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to turn the right visitors into leads, prospects, and paying clients.

Step Three: Build Your Website

Once the brand and funnel are in place, we finish the process where most DIY, template, and outside hires begin and end their work: building your website. By now you can see just how much goes missing with these options. How can your website begin to work if you don’t have a clear brand message or systems in place that generate leads, prospects, and clients?

This is why so many coaches are left with an expensive, pretty website that doesn’t actually work.

Having said that, we take this stage as seriously as any other, creating a modern, professional website with a consistent brand image across each of the nine core coaching pages (along with any additional preferred pages). Our clients receive state-of-the art infrastructure and plugins which lead to a fast, secure, mobile- and SEO-friendly website.

And we do it all in 90 days or less. You read that right. Because we take so few clients on at a time, and because we obsess over each one, we’re able to deliver a finished website in three months where most designers or agencies can take up to six or more. Just another SavvyHippo difference to make your life easier and coaching practice more successful.

Bonus: One-on-One Support

One of our clients’ favorites benefits is something else the others can’t always offer: personal support in building and growing your coaching business. Throughout your project you’ll have direct access to me, by email or by phone, to help you with any questions or problems that arise about your practice.

You not only get a website with client-generation built into its foundation, but also the branding, marketing, and client-generation experience and expertise that comes from building a website with millions of visitors, an audience with 135,000 subscribers, and a business with over $1mil in sales.

He helped me set up my website, create my lead magnet, and put in place a powerful email list builder. As I continue to work the process he taught me my online community is growing, my income is growing, and my brand is growing. The process was smooth, fast, and Jason delivered more than he promised.

Todd Kestin, LCSW
Certified Teen Mentor & Coach


If you’re serious about succeeding as a certified coach, you need a website that effectively and automatically grows your brand and business. Most websites are digital brochures and fail to attract or convert the majority of visitors. SavvyHippo sites, on the other hand, offer something different…

A start-to-finish funnel that automatically guides the right visitors down the path to becoming paying clients and includes…


Crystal Clear Brand Message


Email List Setup


Custom Welcome Email


Enrollment Call Calendar Setup


Coaching Program Application


State-of-the-Art Website Infrastructure


Beautiful & Consistent Brand Image


Custom Lead Magnet (Giveaway)


Enrollment Call Development


Coaching Program Sales Letter


The 14 Coach-Specific Website Pages


One-on-One Advice & Support

When you combine these pieces into one site, the result is more attention and authority in the market, more email subscribers, more enrollment calls, and more paying clients…without doing more work.


Will a website designed specifically for coaches with client generation built in help you enroll just two more people in the next year? If so, click below to apply now. Your new site will more than pay for itself–a SavvyHippo site costs 1/2 the industry average–and the best part is, your site will continue to enroll clients year after year, long after you’ve made your one-time investment.

Because of the time and attention given to each client, we can only accept five projects per quarter. Once the schedule is full, you’ll be added to our waiting list. If you’re interested, we invite you to click below now.

(Note: Applicants must be a coach in good standing, certified by a sanctioned school or coach training organization.)

Dustin Maher, ACE

“…greatly exceeded expectations.”

Bill Simmons, CLC

“…first website I’ve ever been proud to promote.”

Ashley Getter, IC

“…you can tell how much they love what they do.”

Daniel Stone, MA

“…an enormous improvement over my previous site.”

Teri Lynn Haass, CLC

“…never dreamed it would turn out the way it did.”

Todd Kestin, LCSW

“…income is growing and my brand is growing.”

Jordan Mercedes, ACC

“…found my true north working with SavvyHippo.”

Tom Kornbluh, EBC

“…one of the best experiences of my professional life.”

Meghan Sandve, CTTS

“…can’t imagine working with anyone else!”

Casey Lightbody, EWR

“…expertise and business knowledge is off the charts.”

Barrie Davenport, CLC

“…can’t recommend their services highly enough.”

Rhona Berens, ACC

“…responsive, insightful and supportive.”

Steve Kosch, MC

“…helped me develop a world-class website.”

Lee Block, CPC

“…put it to the test and it WORKED!”

Joshua Wayne, NCC

“…cut years off my learning curve.”


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