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I would recommend this hour. It was SO informative for me. Working with Jason during this time has enlightened me about how many important things are missing from my website today. What I really loved most about Jason is his warm personality and the way that he shared his information–not once did I feel he was pitching me. As a matter of fact, for me, I’m going to work up a plan, so I can work with Jason very soon because I know it’s what I need.

– Marilyn Rose

This has been amazing. I was a little nervous to hop on, but now I feel grateful and confident to make tweaks to my website that I know will be powerful and effective. My biggest takeaway was the above the fold material–I realized I haven’t given people an opportunity to take the actions I want them to take–and the power of a website that works. I thought I’m just not a website person–that was a big aha moment. Design does matter. You taught me a lot.

– Lisa Michaud

I was really pleased and very impressed with the efficiency of my website audit. I found it so useful and easy to understand. I really enjoyed my call with Jason who was really great, he went through the audit on a zoom call which was full of value. Jason did not pressure me or try to sell any of his services, instead he gave me lots of invaluable advice and guidance around my website and how I can make improvements to suit my coaching business. I found it worthwhile and found Jason very friendly and approachable. After our free zoom call I also received some fantastic PDF guides to further support me with my site. It was a breath of fresh air, all this value without anything in return. I would definitely recommend SavvyHippo’s website audit.

– Sully Ali

Jason was immediately personable, which put my mind at ease that this was not ‘another sales call’ — I felt he was genuinely interested in helping me with my business. He clearly knows what he is doing and does it very well. I walked away with several great insights that I could apply to my website immediately. Would definitely recommend!!

– Lacy Dicharry

Jason was extremely generous with his time, content and advice, offering specific recommendations on how I could make changes to improve my site conversion. I received a great deal of value from Jason and am so appreciative!

– Christine O’Neil

I think you’re amazing. I absolutely got information I can use. I can start working on the lead magnet. I can reframe my free session. The statistics around what works and what doesn’t was really helpful. What I love is there are things I can get started on right away. It was absolutely a great use of my time. I had an inkling that I had to do many of these things, but now I’m excited and motivated to do them because now I know they are things that make a difference. I’m walking away with something valuable that I can use.

– Elizabeth Hall

Just within this hour I’ve learned quite a bit how to lay out my website, which has been super helpful, getting clarity on how to get my message across to my market. I feel like it was simple but had great depth. Within an hour it was very valuable.

– Naomi Geidel

I found Jason’s approach very clear and honest. He was able to give me some pointers about how I could improve my website straight away which was very helpful, as we are often too close to our own work to notice where we could be better. He has got a lot of expertise which he wears very lightly and understands the challenges of coaching and marketing in great depth. Jason was also kind enough to answer my general design queries and followed up afterwards which I was very impressed with. I recommend you book a session to see what you can learn!

– Susan Dickerson

Dustin Maher, ACE

“…greatly exceeded expectations.”

Bill Simmons, CLC

“…first website I’ve ever been proud to promote.”

Ashley Getter, IC

“…you can tell how much they love what they do.”

Daniel Stone, MA

“…an enormous improvement over my previous site.”

Teri Lynn Haass, CLC

“…never dreamed it would turn out the way it did.”

Todd Kestin, LCSW

“…income is growing and my brand is growing.”

Jordan Mercedes, ACC

“…found my true north working with SavvyHippo.”

Tom Kornbluh, EBC

“…one of the best experiences of my professional life.”

Meghan Sandve, CTTS

“…can’t imagine working with anyone else!”

Casey Lightbody, EWR

“…expertise and business knowledge is off the charts.”

Barrie Davenport, CLC

“…can’t recommend their services highly enough.”

Rhona Berens, ACC

“…responsive, insightful and supportive.”

Steve Kosch, MC

“…helped me develop a world-class website.”

Lee Block, CPC

“…put it to the test and it WORKED!”

Joshua Wayne, NCC

“…cut years off my learning curve.”

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