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10 Questions with Coaching Expert Marquel Russell

Marquel Russell is the epitome of the rags-to-riches story, though unlike most who would wish away those struggles, he sees them as critical to his journey. The struggles of the past made him what he is today. Those rags brought about his riches.

From high-school drop out and working the streets to inspiring thousands of coaches to make a greater impact, Marquel Russell has so many hard-earned lessons to share. We were lucky enough to catch of few in this week’s installment of 10Q.

SH: How and why did you get started in coaching?
I started in network marketing, started having some success after struggling for a long time, and then people starting paying me to learn what I was doing as far as lead generation, succeeding in network marketing and things of that nature. Then I found out coaching was a thing and got fascinated with helping people change their lives because of the people who help change my life.

So I learned how to do it–and how to charge a premium price, how to system out the whole process, how to turn into a real business–and I actually discovered that coaching was my calling.

SH: What did you do early on in your coaching career to set yourself apart?
Early on I created a lot of content, mainly blogging and videos, to give away a ton of value. I was out-teaching everyone else in the marketplace.

I was out-teaching everyone else in the marketplace.

SH: If you could only use one method to get in front of potential clients, which would you choose?
I would do a mixture of paid advertising, like Facebook, and then content marketing to continuously warm those individuals with something like a podcast or YouTube.

SH: If you could only use one method to enroll those potential clients, which would you choose?
Definitely the phone.

SH: Which business decision allowed you to grow your practice more than any other?
Moving from the low-ticket model to premium. It helped me attract clients who were really serious because they had more skin in the game.

SH: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?
Focus. Really focus in on one thing that you’re committed to being the best in the world at. What’s that one thing to focus on and then block everything out. For example, the one thing I’m committed to now in this world is helping coaches attract ideal clients at premium prices and help them automate the entire process.

Really focus in on one thing that you’re committed to being the best in the world at.

SH: What mistake do you see most new coaches make? And can they avoid it?
They don’t own their truth. They’re not transparent and vulnerable or share who they are, the struggles that they went through and their back story. Second, they don’t focus on the one thing they can be a specialist in. Most people try to be everything to everybody and in doing so their messaging is watered down because they’re trying to be so many different things to different people. Third, they don’t have consistent, automated lead generation. Instead, they rely on referrals, networking events, etc.

SH: Imagine waking up tomorrow and it’s all gone. What are the first three things you’d do to rebuild your coaching business?
First, I would do a webinar teaching free content on how to do one specific thing. Second, I would get them to schedule a call with me. Third, I would enroll them into a program.

SH: What is your best advice for a coach just starting out?
Follow my rule of one. Choose one target market that you love, that you can really help, and that can pay you. Choose one solution that you provide (one problem that you solve). Create one premium-priced offer. Choose one traffic strategy to master to generate consistent leads. Choose one conversion mechanism (phone, webinar, etc.) for those leads. For one year.

What mistake do you see most new coaches make? They don’t own their truth.

SH: What are you working on right now?
Two things to help get my clients amazing results. First, Intellectual Profits, a program to help our clients package their knowledge and expertise into a premium-priced coaching programs. Second, we use the A.C.E. method to attract clients and enroll them into those programs. Together that’s my main focus: helping to impact more coaches and transform the coaching industry as a whole.


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