Successful Coaching Websites are Designed to Do Three Things. Is Yours?


The SavvyHippo Service is built upon three fundamentals: create a strong, focused brand message, create a start-to-finish client funnel with a custom giveaway, and create a professional, beautiful, state-of-the-art website to house it all. We follow each of these steps with every client, but the resulting website has a look and feel that matches the style, preferences, and personality of each individual coach.

As you’ll see in the selected websites below, each one contains the three fundamentals but, from the fonts and colors to the images and layouts, a style all its own.

Sam Salenger

Certified Empowerment Coach

Sam Salenger helps women turn what could be a dark period in their lives into the rewarding, fulfilling, and thrilling time it has the potential to be: midlife. To better share that message through her website, Sam hired SavvyHippo for a full branding and website design project. Updated logo, colors, fonts, layouts, pages, and lead generator came together to form what is not only a website that looks great (in our humble opinion) but, more important, one that turns visitors into paying clients.

“Deciding to book a free call with Savvyhippo was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. The offer came at the right time when I was shopping for website designers. I got so much out of the free call and connected so easily with Jason, that I knew this was the right fit.

“As a newish coach and never having hired a designer for anything, it was frightening to spend so much money on my business. Once we got started, however, and I saw how much value I was getting, I felt nothing but excitement. And in addition to a GORGEOUS site, I got amazing marketing coaching and guidance to boot!

“Jason is easy to talk to, listens really well, gives great and honest feedback, was super flexible, is a really good tutor of the tech, and is a very nice person. He went way over and above the scope of the project to help me, and I am walking out of this process knowing that at the end of the day, he wants me to succeed. If you are ready to hire someone to help you with a professional, beautiful site and you are a little bit nervous about it, you will NOT find a better place to land than SavvyHippo.”

Meghan Sandve

Certified Fitness Coach

Meghan is on a mission to help women the world over improve their relationship with food and exercise. She had the passion and the training, but not the website. Working with SavvyHippo, we were able to turn her ideas into a beautiful new brand that spoke to the heart of her ideal clients, help her develop an effective coaching discovery call, and create a compelling coaching program.

“I was lost before Jason came to my rescue. I didn’t know the first thing about starting a business, creating a website, or attracting clients. Jason took me under his wing. He quickly guided me in shaping my vision, finding my specific niche in the industry, helped create a website, and continues to help me build my clientele list. He answers any question or concern I have. His experience, creativity, and passion for helping others is unrivaled. I can’t imagine working with anyone other than Jason!”

Tom Kornbluh

Certified Business Coach

Along with being an accomplished Georgetown professor, Tom Kornbluh is also the founder of his own six-figure consulting agency. To better express his message, build his reputation, and attract more clients, Tom reached out to SavvyHippo for a complete website redesign, including new branding, custom lead magnets, and email marketing setup as well as creation of new home and internal pages.

“I’ve worked with many business coaches and consultants in my 20+ year career. Working with Jason has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. He is exceptionally reliable, consistent and always seems to bring exactly what I need to the table to move to the next step. In addition to his well-honed business strategy skills, his branding, web and graphic design skills are outstanding (I have worked with many designers before).

“He is clear, focused and knowledgeable. He is a true professional in every sense of the word and I trust him deeply. He listens well and always helps to clarify my thinking and see the path forward. We have a wonderful synergy that arises when we work together, and I feel more confident, creative and exceptional when I work with him. He is a great coach and a brilliant business advisor. I am very grateful to have found him, and look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

Jamie Fuentes

Certified Leadership Coach

Jamie Fuentes was a veritable rock star in the world of leadership coaching, having led teams in the hundreds and projects in the millions. Her website, however, didn’t fully express that level of expertise and experience, so Jamie reached out to SavvyHippo for a complete brand and website overhaul, from logo design and messaging to conversion-optimized landing pages and a client funnel built to convert.

“If you’re looking to develop a professional, fun and user friendly website look no further. SavvyHippo went above and beyond what I could have imagined. They made designing my website easy and effortless! For someone who had no idea what they wanted in a website, they somehow designed EXACTLY what I wanted. Amazing experience.”

Robyn Koenig

Certified Relationship Coach

Robyn Koenig, iPEC trained and certified coach, was ready to take her practice to the pro level with a complete brand and website update. Along with crafting a compelling look and feel for RareFind.co, SavvyHippo built the key to a coaching website that works–the client funnel. A custom lead generator, email marketing setup, free session development, and integrated calendar all came together to help turn visitors into leads, prospects, and paying clients.

“Working with Jason and his team at Savvy Hippo was an experience that provided me with more than a great website – it helped me become more clear on my vision, develop a strong brand voice and gain confidence in my approach to my coaching business.

“The website is not at all what I had in mind and that’s exactly why I hired Jason! He’s curious, supportive and an expert guide that I trusted every step of the way. I genuinely appreciate all that he’s done to go above and beyond in our work together!”

Jennifer Trask

Certified Mindset Coach

Jennifer was a wildly successful business growth coach serving the market of fellow coaches and consultants, but she was ready for a change of focus. From business growth she transitioned to mindset, and in turn needed a website rebrand and redesign to match. SavvyHippo was brought in to generate new ideas for her new and exciting direction.

“What I love about Jason is that first and foremost he is a great listener. He really wants to bring your vision to life. Combined with his expert knowledge and experience in the industry he is able to create something that is not only visually beautiful but also strategic to reach your goals of building coaching website that converts! Thank you Jason for your awesome guidance and vision on this project. You’re a gem to our industry!”

Robert Martinez

Certified Business Coach

With a resume that included twenty years of consulting within Fortune 500 companies, Robert was ready to launch his own brand and website. SavvyHippo was happy to take on the challenge. From logo design and lead magnet development to creating a ten-page website, we put the pieces in place to not only turn a visitor into a client, but also to turn Robert Anthony Martinez into a credible brand with industry authority.

“I have worked with many website designers and developers, but I have never been more pleasantly surprised by the work of Jason and SavvyHippo. Form start to finish of our project, I felt supported and encouraged to participate, resulting in a website I am extremely proud to send visitors to. Thank you, Jason!”

Karen DeVries

Certified Career Coach

Karen DeVries is on a mission to help people find the work they love. Succeeding in that mission, however, required a change. Her brand and website didn’t communicate the essence of her passion and personality, nor was it set up to generate leads or clients. She hired SavvyHippo to create a modern, effective platform as well as a complete client funnel with a lead generator, email marketing, and client calendar setup.

“I found SavvyHippo while searching on line for a web designer. I felt a bit nervous about getting in touch with somebody that had not been referred but felt confident that Jason was the right person for the job after my one hour discovery session with him.

“Jason delivered above and beyond what I could have hoped for. He was always happy to answer any questions that I had and took the time to make sure that I understood everything, throughout the process. As soon as one part of the website was ready, he moved on to the next.

“He responded to my emails promptly and provided guidance and support, not only while he was creating the website but upon completion of the project as well, via guides and personalized videos.

“Jason put his all into creating my website and as a result I have a website that I’m so proud of.”

Bill Simmons

Certified Business Coach

Bill Simmons has a track record a mile long of delivering incredible results to businesses large and small, but his website wasn’t telling that story. We were brought in to update his brand, modernize his website, and turn what was once a neglected piece of his business into a powerful lead- and client generator.

“I had a great experience working with SavvyHippo. The finished product was excellent and produced the first website I’ve ever been proud to promote. I highly recommend.”

Jessica Riester

Professional Photographer

Though not our normal clientele, Jessica Riester was too good of a photographer to pass up and received the full SavvyHippo treatment: new branding, custom logo, custom giveaway, email marketing setup to collect email addresses and communicate with her list, online calendar setup to book discovery sessions, and a service overhaul to quickly and clearly communicate her value and her offer.

“SavvyHippo was great to work with! I’m so thankful for their knowledge and advice through the whole process. Marketing and website savior!”

Russell Heath

Certified Life Coach

A professionally-trained coach with a lifetime of incredible experience, Russell Heath hired SavvyHippo for three reasons: to craft a more cohesive, powerful brand, to design an effective website strategy, and to merge both brand and strategy into an fully updated website. With a powerful brand message, color palette and font scheme to match, a compelling lead generator, an integrated calendar to schedule strategy calls, and a proven client funnel built into the heart of the site, each of the three requirements were successfully checked off the list.

“Good work. I felt well taken care of. Thanks!”

(…a man of few words.)

Teri Lynn Haass

Certified Health Coach

Teri Lynn Haass reached out to SavvyHippo to create a condensed home page (with new branding), a lead magnet to build a list of prospects, and a free coaching session to enroll interested leads (while also delivering great value). Her site is short and sweet, delivering her message quickly and making a strong call to action above the fold.

“When I asked Jason to help get my online business off the ground, the first thing I told him was that he was going to need patience because I didn’t have a clue. He laughed and told me not to worry. His confidence and easygoing personality immediately won me over, so I put my business in his very capable hands and I was not disappointed.

“He took my ideas and insights and created a beautiful, effective website – from landing page to lead magnet – and I was thrilled with the result. I never dreamed it would turn out the way it did. By hiring Jason to create my website and everything it entails, I was able to concentrate on my message, and that in itself was priceless.

“I NEVER would have gotten this far if not for your help, patience and expertise. I’m not sure you’ll ever know the depth of my thanks. Thank you for helping to bring my vision to life, Jason.”

Daniel Stone

Fortune 500 Consultant

With clients ranging from Pfizer and the CDC to the Word Economic Forum, Daniel Stone is a veteran in the consulting space. He stood for integrity, experience, and results. SavvyHippo helped filter those qualities into a website designed to attract his target audience, build a prospect list, and turn the right visitors into leads and clients, all the while communicating expertise and value through branding and design.

“Even though I have been successful in my field for many years, in working with Jason, I have stepped more confidently into my own expertise. With his guidance, my website now directly communicates that image. Jason combines an excellent understanding of how to integrate the image of expertise with a solid graphic design to produce a functional and impressive site. As a result, my new site is an enormous improvement over my previous site.”

Mary Pringle

Agency Owner

As a businesses connected to our family, Magnum may not have been within our market of coaches but definitely worth the effort. They were in need a new look and a new message to attract clients to their service, so the focus for SavvyHippo was to communicate a strong value proposition right from the start, offer a strong argument for why agents should choose Magnum over other options, and make a strong call to action for interested visitors to reach out.

Todd Kestin

Certified Teen Coach

Todd Kestin is a gifted coach and mentor to teens throughout the country who was ready to bring his coaching practice online. SavvyHippo created a new brand image, focused his brand message, developed a giveaway to build a list of prospects as well as a free coaching call to enroll those clients (including a linked calendar to schedule the calls), and offered training on how to find and attract ideal visitors and clients.

“It’s critical for myself as a mentor and clinical social worker to bring the right people to the table. Jason Gracia is one of those people that will always be sitting at my table. His knowledge about business, marketing, and coaching is very rare.

“He helped me set up my website, create my lead magnet, and put in place a powerful email list builder. As I continue to work the process he taught me my online community is growing, my income is growing, and my brand is growing. The process was smooth, fast, and Jason delivered more than he promised.

“He’s a master when it comes to building business, but even more important he’s a great guy with a lot of integrity.”

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Dustin Maher, ACE

“…greatly exceeded expectations.”

Bill Simmons, CLC

“…first website I’ve ever been proud to promote.”

Ashley Getter, IC

“…you can tell how much they love what they do.”

Daniel Stone, MA

“…an enormous improvement over my previous site.”

Teri Lynn Haass, CLC

“…never dreamed it would turn out the way it did.”

Todd Kestin, LCSW

“…income is growing and my brand is growing.”

Jordan Mercedes, ACC

“…found my true north working with SavvyHippo.”

Tom Kornbluh, EBC

“…one of the best experiences of my professional life.”

Meghan Sandve, CTTS

“…can’t imagine working with anyone else!”

Casey Lightbody, EWR

“…expertise and business knowledge is off the charts.”

Barrie Davenport, CLC

“…can’t recommend their services highly enough.”

Rhona Berens, ACC

“…responsive, insightful and supportive.”

Steve Kosch, MC

“…helped me develop a world-class website.”

Lee Block, CPC

“…put it to the test and it WORKED!”

Joshua Wayne, NCC

“…cut years off my learning curve.”


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