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A selection of our most recent clients and their thoughts on working with SavvyHippo…

Samantha Savant


“This platform is simply genius! I am delighted with my website and have learned SO much in the process. Thank you!”

Justin Miller


“From the moment we signed up until the moment our website launched it was smooth sailing and we grew so much during the process. One of the best business decisions we have ever made.”

Rebecca Maley


“I cannot tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my website. It’s honestly way above and beyond my expectations. A sincere thank you, Jason, for everything….the site itself is amazing but the experience building it was equally as amazing.”

A few words from past clients...

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Jenn Gruber


“I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Jason & SavvyHippo! From Day 1, Jason was responsive to my questions and was easy to work with. As a new coach without a marketing/branding background, I was grateful for Jason’s thorough explanation of the reasons behind why the sites he builds are so effective. His insight and expertise were truly invaluable. He was positive and encouraging throughout the process, making me feel like he cared about the finished product as much as I did. I now have a website I love, and I know my decision to work with Jason was well worth the investment. Honestly, I can’t imagine how lost I would have felt trying to do this without him by my side!”

Giulio Ranieri


“The platform was like nothing I have ever seen or used, simple to use and well structured to ensure that I included everything necessary for my website. The built in funnels are amazing and it takes out the extra work needed with other platforms. Jason did some amazing work with the standard info I provided and converted it all into an amazing looking website which is highly functional and effective. The support and communication along the way was great. Great job to Jason and his team.”

Lara Buelow


“Wow! SavvyHippo is genius!!! Are you a coach looking for someone to build you a website? Don’t build it yourself, get SavvyHippo to help you. This platform is made to help you be succeed online. Jason from SavvyHippo is kind, generous, patient, and awesome. SavvyHippo helps you think about everything that is needed for a great website that will help you sell your services. It organizes you, allows you to implement good design without thinking very much, and focuses on the most important elements (so you don’t have to worry about what all those things are). I highly recommend working with Jason at SavvyHippo.”

Michael Walker


“I am very grateful to SavvyHippo for its work on my brand new website. Working with Jason and his team was a sincere pleasure.”

Jamie Fuentes


“If you’re looking to develop a professional, fun and user friendly website look no further. SavvyHippo went above and beyond what I could have imagined. They made designing my website easy and effortless! For someone who had no idea what they wanted in a website, they somehow designed EXACTLY what I wanted. Amazing experience.”

Joshua Wayne


“Working with Jason and SavvyHippo to build my website was an invaluable experience. It’s not usual to find someone with deep knowledge about building a brand and website from soup to nuts. There are so many constituent parts: from positioning to brand identity to design work to technology back-end to finding and engaging your audience. But that’s exactly who Jason is and I can’t recommend working with him and SavvyHippo enough.”

Samantha Savant


“This platform is simply genius! As a new coach knowing nothing about web design it was overwhelming to try and do it alone, yet exorbinate to hire a premium designer. I was overjoyed to find SavvyHippo had created the perfect solution! A user-friendly affordable automated platform designed with years of marketing and web design expertise. With training videos, examples and so many helpful features, you will be guided every step of the way in creating your beautiful powerful website that really works in attracting clients. I am delighted with my website and have learned SO much in the process. Thank you!”

Teri Lynn Haas


“I’m blown away. I never dreamed it would turn out like this.”

Daniel Stone


“Jason and the team at SavvyHippo combine an excellent understanding of how to integrate the image of expertise with a solid graphic design, to produce a functional and impressive site. As a result, my new site is an enormous improvement over my previous site. I highly recommend SavvyHippo to anyone who wants to step into their image as an expert.”

Renata Bertelli


“I absolutely loved working with SavvyHippo from beginning to end and I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to build my website. The fact that you understand how a coach thinks coupled with your background and understanding of personal development made things so easy.”

Robyn Koenig


“I’m so excited! Seriously, this is even better than I expected and the journey to get here has been fantastic and so helpful in bringing together my brand voice and strategic approach for my new business. You’re the best!”

Christine Oh


“Jason went absolutely above and beyond what I expected when creating my website. His motivation and passion for helping coaches are genuine and full of compassion. I am thankful for his guidance and recommendations along the way to help me think more strategic about my website and my business. I fully recommend SavvyHippo to any entrepreneur (not just coaches) who wants a strategic approach to their website.”

Robert Martinez


“I have worked with many website designers and developers, but I have never been more pleasantly surprised by the work of Jason and SavvyHippo. Form start to finish of our project, I felt supported and encouraged to participate, resulting in a website I am extremely proud to send visitors to. Thank you, Jason!”

Mike Fanelli


“I appreciated Jason’s copywriting skills that came very much in handy to nail down the content. I highly recommend Jason for someone that wants to have a website that has all the right components.”

Natalie Barron/Pia Heine


“Natalie and I could not be more thrilled with our website and truly credit Jason for a fantastic job. Working with Jason and SavvyHippo was the best decision we’ve made towards launching our business.

“Our website is professional, authentic and tells our story based on the guidance, support and templates Jason shared with us from the start. His partnership in the process was invaluable, he pushes appropriately to help us make decisions and always made us feel like we were in a true partnership throughout this process.

“Beyond designing the sight and creating the “how to” behind the scenes he delivers videos and audio files that detail the clicks and ” how to” maintain and keep your website safe and fresh for years to come.

“As a novice to this space those extra efforts and attention to detail are extremely appreciated and really sets Jason apart from many other web designers. Thank you Jason, truly a job well done!”

Dea Sejko


“I wish I could gift Jason to every person out there who’s looking to help others with their business. Every person who has an eye for beautiful design. And everyone that’s looking to make money through more than just word-of-mouth.

“This was my first time building a website even though I’ve been in business for years. If I’m being honest, the thought of it always scared me, but I’ll never forget the feeling I had speaking with Jason the first time. Everything was clear, exactly what I needed and wanted and I couldn’t wait to start the project. Not only did he do everything he promised (and more), but he guided me to make the right choices, kept me informed and in control of my own site, and always, ALWAYS did what was best for me. He took care of everything from design to web development to back-end, integration and more. The site is a true extension of me and every page is built to grow my audience and sign new clients!

“This is a first for me, but I couldn’t wait to pay him in the end and actually paid before he even asked for it! I think that’s what it means when people say “you’ll have clients throw their money at you”. And rightfully so. It was bitter sweet to finish our project because once you work with Jason, you’ll know the worth of having someone exceptional and trust worthy in your corner. But as you wrap up your final call, he’ll tell you “I’ll always be here if you need me” and somehow that’s worth everything you paid for and more. Thank you Jason for the transformative heart-based business you run.

John Christian


“SavvyHippo had my site up in running faster than I thought possible. The process was smooth and easy, and the attention given through the process was greatly appreciated. I loved the finished product and would recommend their services to anyone who seriously wants a professional coaching site without the crazy high cost.”

Nariman Walli


“Jason & SavvyHippo have put my business light years ahead of where I would have been had I done this on my own. Not only that, the stress and anxiety that comes along with the trial and error of putting together a professional website would have made the process of launching my business take much longer. Jason’s expertise takes your website to the next level. I could not recommend him and SavvyHippo enough.”

Rebecca Maley


“Building my website SavvyHippo was an amazing experience. They made the process straightforward, manageable, and even fun! What started as a stressful project quickly morphed into a challenging but rewarding project that I am very proud of. Their knowledge, experience and stellar customer service skills are remarkable. Jason and the team delivered everything (and more) of what they promised and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my website. It’s honestly way above and beyond my expectations. A sincere thank you, Jason, for everything….the site itself is amazing but the experience building it was equally as amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Jason and SavvyHippo for your website needs.”

Bill Simmons


“I had a great experience working with SavvyHippo. The finished product was excellent and produced the first website I’ve ever been proud to promote. I highly recommend them.”

Fred Serra


“After thirty-five years in business, I started my own consulting firm. I researched many website designers and had many interviews. Jason’s long list of positive testimonials narrowed my search. I wanted to work with a firm that understood my needs. After one call with Jason, I knew I found what I was looking for. Jason saved me time and a great deal of money with the creative company he built. The most important thing is that I have one of the highest quality websites I have ever seen. Through it all, Jason was there for me every step of the way and responding quickly and guided me when I needed help. If you want to move your business forward and work with a true professional and have a world class website, I would highly recommend Jason and SavvyHippo.”

Janine Esbrand


“I am so glad I chose to work with Jason and his team. The experience has been brilliant and he has created a fantastic site that I absolutely love. SavvyHippo made what could have been a dull, drawn out project a really enjoyable process. I would definitely recommend Savvy Hippo…in fact I am already recommending them! (PS. One of the lessons I learned during this process is the importance of hiring professionals. The DIY approach will only get you so far.)”

Justin Miller


“Words are so limiting – the experience we had at SavvyHippo is simply amazing beyond language – but we’ll do our best. Helpful, kind, professional, cutting-edge, rational, empathetic – and just plain brilliant!

“From the moment we signed up until the moment our website launched it was smooth sailing and we grew so much during the process. We had no idea how little we knew.

“Jason and SavvyHippo truly understand the needs that coaches and therapists have when creating websites, the common mistakes that coaches / therapists make and how to avoid them. They delivered so much more than we could ever have anticipated and honestly are just in awe with gratitude.

“Most incredible experience with phenomenal value at extremely affordable price. From start to finish, it all just made logical sense. One of the best business decisions we have ever made.”

Sam Salenger


“As a newish coach and never having hired a designer for anything, it was frightening to spend so much money on my business. Once we got started, however, and I saw how much value I was getting, I felt nothing but excitement. And in addition to a GORGEOUS site, I got amazing marketing coaching and guidance to boot! If you are ready to hire someone to help you with a professional, beautiful site and you are a little bit nervous about it, you will NOT find a better place to land than SavvyHippo.”

Todd Kestin


“SavvyHippo’s service is a no brainer. It is affordable and it works. They set up my website, created my lead magnet, and put in place a powerful email list builder. As I continue to work the process taught to me, my online community is growing, income is growing, and my brand is growing. The process was smooth, fast, and they delivered more than promised. I highly recommend SavvyHippo.”

Karen DeVries


“Thank you Jason! You have done such an incredible job. I am so proud of my site and you made it all happen. I think I said before that the experience was much like having a baby (ie. you’re giving life to something) and I think you really delivered on this one:) You’re amazing!”

Tom Kornbluh


“Working with Jason and SavvyHippo has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. In addition to their well-honed business strategy skills, their branding, web, and graphic design skills are outstanding.”

Meghan Sandve


“His experience, creativity, and passion for helping others is unrivaled. I can’t imagine working with anyone other than Jason and SavvyHippo!”

Amanda Twiggs Johns


“SavvyHippo created a website for me with 6-figure potential. It’s modern, professional and most importantly converts. Jason is an expert at marketing and design. Anyone can create a website using a platform, very few can create a website that is as efficient or effective at converting and creating clients as what SavvyHippo created for me. I highly recommend Savvy Hippo to any coach who is serious about building a successful business!”

James Wallace


“Jason and SavvyHippo know coaches and better yet what we need to build our business. I feel like my site was worth three times what I payed. A very positive experience.”

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About SavvyHippo

After spending twenty years in the personal development field, first as creator of the top-ranked motivation website in the world and author of The Motivated Mind and then as business consultant to certified coaches, founder Jason Gracia funneled his design and marketing expertise into a website platform to help the men and women who have dedicated themselves to helping others.

“A website that works, that communicates the right message, builds credibility, and guides visitors to becoming clients is essential for today’s coach. In the past, this meant investing too much time or too much money into a website that often didn’t work. The SavvyHippo platform solves both of those issues.”

With SavvyHippo, you can finally get a beautiful website that has everything a coach needs for a price that every coach can afford.

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