Rescuing Your Idea from Oblivion

Once upon a time a speaker, standing before an audience who paid $2,000 to learn about advanced marketing techniques, asked a simple question: How many of you haven’t launched a website?

Glances left and right, hands slowly raising.

In the end, 50% hadn’t even launched a site–and they had paid $2,000 to learn about advanced online techniques! They were paying thousands and hadn’t even taken the first step toward launching their business.

This is the problem we’re going to tackle today.

Millions of people have ideas. Amazing ideas. Creative ideas. Ideas backed by passion and purpose. Yet, most never do anything substantial about them. They pay for courses, oh yes. They read books and sign up for newsletters and devour posts like these. But they never truly move the idea forward.

Their ideas, which were so full of potential, dwindle, disappear, and die. I won’t let that happen to your idea, not without a fight.

I can’t stand the thought of wasted potential. Regret makes my skin crawl. So this post is for the man or woman who dreams of doing something great, who dreams of bringing their ideas to life, but is trapped in the world of waiting, of hesitating, of learning/buying/reading just one more thing before getting started.

No more.

You can start right now, with what you know. Your idea will always be a work in progress, so forget all illusions that you must wait until perfection is guaranteed. Perfection is the crutch of those too fragile to dive into the fray. That’s not you.

Is Your Objective Clear?

Vague outcomes are impossible to reach. Happier, stronger, healthier, richer, and the like are useless because there’s no telling when you’ve hit the target. It’s a game with no score.

I need you to create a vivid picture of what your idea is going to look like when it’s finished. This isn’t to say things can’t change–they certainly will–but to unleash your inner drive and make something happen, you need an outcome you can see. Hope and excitement and motivation rely on a clear vision of the future.

You hear the advice all the time and it’s usually ignored. Nevertheless, it’s important to suggest that you write these things down. Use a journal or word doc and write out your thoughts. Yes, seeing your idea in writing brings a bit more life to the matter, but the real gift is in the ability of writing to help bring clarity to what you’re thinking.

What are the Rewards?

Life works hard to keep us doing exactly what we’re doing. You, however, are about to break the mold, which means you’re going to face resistance. Most people can’t overcome it, not because they’re weak or lazy but because they’re trying to scale the wall without a ladder.

You need the right tools to do what you’re about to do, and the first of these are your Rewards.

What rewards will you or the people you care about receive when you move toward and finally make your grand idea a reality? What will it do for you? What will it mean to you?

Each reward is another match tossed on the fire of your inner drive–the more, the better. Think of emotional rewards, mental rewards, physical rewards, financial rewards, societal rewards, etc. Uncover and define every positive that will result from doing something about your idea.

What are the Prices?

Just as powerful, if not more so, are your Prices. Humans are driven more by the fear of pain than the promise of pleasure. Use this to your advantage. Use prices to burn that fire even brighter.

What prices are you and your family going to pay if you fail to make it happen? If you continue to put it off, continue to plan plan plan without ever moving things forward, how will you suffer?

Make them plentiful and make them painful.

This isn’t about creating hopelessness or fear; it’s about recognizing what’s at stake and using those prices as fuel. If you’re truly concerned about what could happen if you procrastinate, you’ll stop procrastinating.

The First Real Step

You have a clear vision, rewards of taking action, and prices of procrastination. Those who do this right will be buzzing with anticipation and excitement about moving forward. But what do you do?

We know the difference between doing something substantial and merely going through the motions. The real action scares us. When you think about your idea, what action scares you?

That’s the one I want you to do. Today.

Focus on that vision, think hard on those rewards and prices, and TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Not tomorrow, not next week. Now. Your idea is worth it.

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