Design Brief

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  • Coach Bio

  • In the end, what sealed the choice for SavvyHippo? Provide as much detail as possible.
  • Coaching Specialty

  • What specific problem do you solve or result do you deliver?
  • What benefits do your clients experience as a result of your coaching?
  • Which specific group of people do you serve? (Consider age, sex, location, career, etc.)
  • Coaching Program

  • Is your coaching program ongoing or limited (ex: six-weeks)?
  • Is your program one on one, small group, or unlimited group?
  • Who qualifies for your coaching program? Who does not?
  • If 1:1 or small group, what is your client limit?
  • Is your program delivered in person, by phone, or by online video?
  • How many coaching sessions per week/month and for how long?
  • What specific topics does your program cover each week/month?
  • What tangible deliverables do your clients receive? (ex: video training)
  • For how long must clients commit to your program? (ex: six months)
  • How much is your coaching program?
  • Coaching Credibility

  • Current Website

  • If you do not have a website, enter "Do Not Have."
  • Leave blank if you do not yet track website traffic
  • Leave blank if you do not yet have an email list
  • For clients who do not yet have an email marketing service, we advise one of two options: a free MailChimp account (up to 2,000 subscribers, limited options) or a paid ConvertKit account ($29/mo up to 1,000 subscribers, full range of options). Which would you prefer?
  • New Website

  • Include Website Addresses (please include at least two examples of websites you like)
  • Would you like your main font to be bold or thin? Cursive? Serif or sans-serif?
  • Login Credentials

    In order to build your site, we need access to your online accounts. We will never reveal or share this information with anyone. If you'd prefer, you can change this information for the duration of our work. If you don't have an account listed, enter "Do Not Have."
  • SiteGround is our host of choice for new clients ($3.95/mo for the first 12 months, $11.95/mo thereafter), though you are not required to change hosts. If you currently have a hosted website, which option would you prefer?

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