It’s critical for myself as a mentor and clinical social worker to bring the right people to the table. Jason Gracia is one of those people that will always be sitting at my table. His knowledge about business, marketing, and coaching is very rare.

He helped me set up my website, create my lead magnet, and put in place a powerful email list builder. As I continue to work the process he taught me my online community is growing, my income is growing, and my brand is growing. The process was smooth, fast, and Jason delivered more than he promised.

He’s a master when it comes to building business, but even more important he’s a great guy with a lot of integrity.

Todd Kestin

Certified Teen Mentor & Coach

I had a great experience working with SavvyHippo. The finished product was excellent and produced the first website I’ve ever been proud to promote. I highly recommend.

Bill Simmons

Certified Leadership Coach

I didn’t know the first thing about creating my own website and Jason was fantastic! Very patient, answered all of my questions, and great at explaining what I didn’t understand. I was surprised by how quickly we were able to get the initial setup of my site created. Jason is a great listener and teacher and you can tell how much he loves what he does.

Ashely Getter

Founder, Dream On

When I asked Jason to help get my online business off the ground, the first thing I told him was that he was going to need patience because I didn’t have a clue. He laughed and told me not to worry. His confidence and easygoing personality immediately won me over, so I put my business in his very capable hands and I was not disappointed.

He took my ideas and insights and created a beautiful, effective website – from landing page to lead magnet – and I was thrilled with the result. I never dreamed it would turn out the way it did. By hiring Jason to create my website and everything it entails, I was able to concentrate on my message, and that in itself was priceless.

I NEVER would have gotten this far if not for your help, patience and expertise. I’m not sure you’ll ever know the depth of my thanks. Thank you for helping to bring my vision to life, Jason.

Teri Lynn Haass

Certified Health Coach

Working with Jason to build my website and lead magnet was an AMAZING experience. I could not have been more impressed with his comprehensive knowledge of anything and everything involved in the process. Not only does he have a thorough understanding of the key marketing bases that needed to be addressed, but he has a real knack for design, creating a clean and professional product. And I couldn’t believe how quickly we accomplished it!

Furthermore, he always made it clear exactly what he was doing and why. It’s clear that Jason enjoys helping and teaching people. I was surprised how fun he made the process.

Zack Howe

Author, Olympus

Jason is one of a kind! Having worked with my fair share of business mentors in the past, working with him has been an absolutely incredible experience. He has been a pillar of support to me and my business from the day I met him and I feel so blessed to have found him and have in my corner. Jason’s expertise and business knowledge is off the charts and he has helped me in so many ways.

With his invaluable guidance, I’ve worked to build my business, Empowered Women from the ground up. To name a few, he’s helped me define my brand, systematize my framework and boost my confidence to new heights so I’ve be able to launch a truly authentic, purposeful and connected brand. To top that off, he’s one of the most generous, caring, kind people I know! If you have a chance to do so, don’t hesitate to tap into Jason’s expertise. Your business will thank you for it.

Casey Lightbody

Founder, Empowered Women Revolution

Working with Jason was eye-opening! Yes, Jason is both sweet and generous as a coach but in addition, he is VERY firm about what works and what doesn’t and his passion for MY success was so reassuring. He is an endless resource and goes above and beyond to deliver results.

Jessica Kupferman

Business Coach & CEO of J/K Media Agency

I found my true north as a result of working with SavvyHippo. No matter how great a business idea is, if there is no compass or no way to find the “true north” of that business, years and years and dollars and dollars can be spent going in the wrong direction. Your plan helps to avoid that. I’m very thankful to have worked with you. You are a kind soul, always the same, encouraging but firm on getting your clients going in the right direction. Thank you Jason, you are a gem!

Jordan Mercedes

Certified Career Coach

I had my one client tonight…and he was STUCK. So, I pulled out the first outline and just started at the top and coached him from it…and he had a breakthrough by line 4! It was amazing! We got about 1/4 of the way through the first outline and he had that major breakthrough and got some great homework out of it. Thought I should tell you that I put it to the test and it WORKED!

Lee Block

Certified Marriage Coach

Jason is an incredible coach. I say this not just because he’s a great guy with impeccable integrity (both are true), but because he seems to have in inexhaustible reservoir of knowledge. Whether it’s in the area of branding, writing copy, choosing design work or building a sales funnel, Jason knows his stuff and he knows how to apply it to get results. His feedback has been invaluable time and again, and he’s helped me cut years off my learning curve.

I got more clarity on what I do professionally and how to bring it to market through working with him over the course of a year than I did the previous five years combined. For the first time in a long time – maybe ever – I’m feeling like we’re really getting something that is connected to who I am and what I really do.

And working with Jason to build my website and lead magnet was a GREAT experience. He was very focused on what I wanted to accomplish and made sure it was perfect before we said the project was complete. Oh, and he’s a great guy and a real pleasure to work with. Jason is “the complete package” and I can’t recommend working with him enough.

Joshua Wayne

Certified Teen Mentor & Coach

Jason’s reliability, speed of implementation and overall attitude greatly exceeded expectations. I highly recommend. He won’t disappoint.

Dustin Maher

Certified Fitness Coach

I couldn’t be happier after Jason built the webpage of my dreams! It was a wonderful experience working with him and I am not only impressed with his patience, but also creativity and professionalism. Thank you, Jason!

Mariana Pereira

Author of The Butterfly Series

Even though I have been successful in my field for many years, in working with Jason, I have stepped more confidently into my own expertise. With his guidance, my website now directly communicates that image. Jason combines an excellent understanding of how to integrate the image of expertise with a solid graphic design to produce a functional and impressive site. As a result, my new site is an enormous improvement over my previous site.

Daniel Stone

Fortune 500 Consultant

Jason has been my personal coach and marketing mentor as I developed my own expert site,, helping people find and live their life passions. He worked with me from the ground up, helping me define my niche, refine my brand and target audience, build a site that is competitive and highly-attractive, and create a lead magnet that brought me thousands of subscribers in the first weeks after launching. The icing on the cake is that Jason is simply a great guy – professional, funny, easy-going, and full of integrity. I can’t recommend their services highly enough.

Barrie Davenport

Life Purpose Coach

I’ve worked with many business coaches and consultants in my 20+ year career. Working with Jason has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. He is exceptionably reliable, consistent and always seems to bring exactly what I need to the table to move to the next step. In addition to his well-honed business strategy skills, his branding, web and graphic design skills are outstanding (I have worked with many designers before).

He is clear, focused and knowledgeable. He is a true professional in every sense of the word and I trust him deeply. He listens well and always helps to clarify my thinking and see the path forward. We have a wonderful synergy that arises when we work together, and I feel more confident, creative and exceptional when I work with him. He is a great coach and a brilliant business advisor. I am very grateful to have found him, and look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Tom Kornbluh

Georgetown Professor & Executive Business Consultant

I was lost before Jason came to my rescue. I didn’t know the first thing about starting a business, creating a website, or attracting clients. Jason took me under his wing. He quickly guided me in shaping my vision, finding my specific niche in the industry, helped create a website, and continues to help me build my clientele list. He answers any question or concern I have. His experience, creativity, and passion for helping others is unrivaled. I can’t imagine working with anyone other than Jason!

Meghan Sandve

Certified Health & Fitness Coach

Jason helped me develop a world-class website and a suite of services. He always over delivered on his coaching, providing me with mentorship, marketing expertise, and idea creation. I felt well taken care of. Jason has been an online entrepreneur himself for over a decade. That was important to me, that he spoke with experience and authority. He brought out my passion and helped to establish myself as an authority, even in a crowded industry. “Wow” is all I can say. He really, truly has a gift and I am so proud to call him my coach.

Steve Kosch

Television Personality & Media Coach

Jason is a rare combination of heart–he truly, deeply cares about his clients–and business chops. He was instrumental in helping me turn the vaguest notion of an idea into an actual business with real clients who value what I do and pay me what I’m worth. One of his ideas is something I use daily to keep me organized and on track; another is still percolating but will probably wind up being the single biggest source of revenue in my business (and it’s something I never would have come up with on my own).

He gets deeply immersed in his clients’ businesses and goes above and beyond because he’s truly invested in both them and their success. Using a mix of encouragement and highly strategic tactics related to positioning, pricing, and copywriting, he gently nudged me out of my comfort zone into a place where I could spread my wings and launch a successful venture. In addition to all of the above, Jason is warm and funny and just a delight to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Jennifer Carson

Business Coach & Consultant

Jason transformed my business from a seed of a thought to a professional brand that is on it’s way to becoming a multi-faceted empire of it’s own. His hustle to help me get things off the ground resulted in skyrocketing sales within 2 months! Working with Jason has been hands down the best business decision I have ever made. For those that are serious and ready to work I would be willing to guarantee they will see incredible results if they stick close to his guidance!

Aviv Vana

Creator, Cinesummit

Coaching with Jason is like having a Business Success Expert in your back pocket (assuming, of course, that’s where you keep your phone). Jason is responsive, insightful and supportive. He has a way of asking just the right questions to reveal ideas and information I never before considered and nudges clients towards success around profits, professional visibility and, most importantly, our attitudes about ourselves and our businesses. I’m excited to be learning from him and look forward to watching the results unfold.

Rhona Berens


I honestly feel CLARITY for the first time in about 7 months–dead serious! Jason’s knowledge and easy approach to building your business is incredible. Even though my business is small, Jason treats me just like I am one of the big players and is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Beth Picard

Founder, One Sassy Sister



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