Bill Simmons of MyThriveStrategies.com is a gifted leadership coach with incredible value to share, but his website told a different story. Dated and sparse, his site didn’t tell the true story of what he had to offer, nor did it effectively turn visitors into leads, prospects, or clients.

SavvyHippo was brought in to deliver our one-of-a-kind service and build a new site with our client-generating website architecture.


THE BRAND: Create a cohesive, compelling brand message and brand image to communicate client’s true value and story.


THE STRATEGY: Create a three-stage client funnel to seamlessly guide new visitors from leads to prospects to paying clients.


THE DESIGN: Create a professional, state-of-the-art and mobile-friendly website infused with client-generating architecture.


The first step to creating a website that works is crafting a compelling brand message and image to establish credibility, differentiate, and attract ideal visitors and clients.


We began with SavvyHippo’s Value Proposition Process to choose and define the client’s coaching niche and target market.


We then gathered client preferences to craft a brand image that reflected desired look, feel, and personality.


With the brand message and image in hand, we developed a cohesive design used throughout the website.


With a powerful brand in place, the next step is to build the SavvyHippo Client Funnel™, a step-by-step sequence that guides visitors from leads to prospects to paying clients.


We began by creating a custom lead magnet (giveaway), setting up an email marketing service, and building a welcome email sequence.


We then developed the Free Strategy Session Offer, the next step in the funnel, along with setting up an online scheduler for the booking and tracking of calls.


We finished the client funnel by creating a custom coaching program description page as well as an application for interested prospects.

Custom Lead Magnet

SavvyHippo Client Funnel™


After defining the brand and creating the client funnel, the final step is to bring them together in a state-of-the art website designed with a coach’s unique needs in mind.


We designed and built the nine core coaching pages, from Home and About to custom landing pages for each offer.


Every page was built with both desktop and mobile in mind, ensuring a smooth visitor experience regardless of device.


As with every SavvyHippo site, the client’s website was fully secured, automatically backed up, and SEO optimized.

Starting with a sparse and dated site, Bill ended with a modern, professional website designed from the ground up with client generation in mind: a clear and compelling brand, a start-to-finish client funnel, and a truly state-of-the-art platform.

I had a great experience working with SavvyHippo! The finished product was excellent and produced the first website I’ve ever been proud to promote. I highly recommend.

Bill Simmons

Every one of our clients gets the full SavvyHippo treatment outlined above, so if you’d like us to help you clarify your brand, create a start-to-finish client funnel, and build a beautiful new website that gets results, click the button below to schedule your free website audit.


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