Successful Coaching Websites are Designed to Do Three Things. Is Yours?


My name is Jason Gracia and 17 years ago, with a new marketing degree in hand, I launched my first online business. It was (very) slow going at first, but over time I managed to learn the tricks of the trade…from branding and design to sales and marketing…and eventually built a #1 ranked personal development destination. We welcomed millions of visitors, grew an audience of 135,000 subscribers, and sold over $1,000,000 worth of books, courses, and coaching.

At that point, I decided to share what I had learned and began coaching and consulting to help others succeed online. When I did, a pattern quickly emerged: The majority of my clients were coaches and the majority of their websites were the root of their struggles.

I realized that a great deal of my personal success hinged on a website that worked–one that didn’t merely look pretty but actually delivered results–so without a strategically designed website at the foundation of my client’s businesses, nothing else they did mattered.

Because my clients were incredible coaches and not trained brand strategists/designers/marketers, I decided to tackle their websites woes myself as a side project, crafting a more compelling brand, creating strategic funnels, and building a site that turned visitors into leads, prospects, and clients.

Then I had my light-bulb moment. What started as a favor to a handful of clients actually brought together what I loved most about the past twenty years of my career: branding, strategy, marketing, and design. It was then that I decided to go all in and merge those passions into a one-of-a-kind web design agency exclusively for certified coaches, building affordable, effective websites that worked just as well as they looked.

I now run the SavvyHippo agency with my wife Megan in Madison, WI along with the help of our two-year-old daughter (who can slam on the keyboard with the best of ’em).

We provide the missing link.

Certified coaches have been led to believe that knowing how to coach their clients is enough. As you know all too well, that’s only half of the equation. You also need a business foundation designed to help you attract, engage, and enroll those clients. That’s where we come in.

Free Website Review

Want us to tell you exactly how to generate more leads and clients? If you're a certified coach, you're eligible for our free website review, an in-depth critique of what your site is doing right and what it could be doing better.


LIVE CALL: A live, one-on-one call to review your website and outline a plan to improve its effectiveness


BEST PRACTICES: Discover the specific elements every coaching website needs to turn visitors into clients


Q&A: Bring your burning questions about growing your coaching business and receive tried and true solutions

The SavvyHippo Service™

Ready for a website that not only impresses your peers but also generates leads, prospects, and clients every day? Click below to learn more and apply to become a client.


BRAND: A cohesive, compelling brand message and brand image to communicate your true value


STRATEGY: A three-stage client funnel to seamlessly guide new visitors from leads to prospects to clients


BUILD: A state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly website built with client-generating architecture

Dustin Maher, ACE

“…greatly exceeded expectations.”

Bill Simmons, CLC

“…first website I’ve ever been proud to promote.”

Ashley Getter, IC

“…you can tell how much they love what they do.”

Daniel Stone, MA

“…an enormous improvement over my previous site.”

Teri Lynn Haass, CLC

“…never dreamed it would turn out the way it did.”

Todd Kestin, LCSW

“…income is growing and my brand is growing.”

Jordan Mercedes, ACC

“…found my true north working with SavvyHippo.”

Tom Kornbluh, EBC

“…one of the best experiences of my professional life.”

Meghan Sandve, CTTS

“…can’t imagine working with anyone else!”

Casey Lightbody, EWR

“…expertise and business knowledge is off the charts.”

Barrie Davenport, CLC

“…can’t recommend their services highly enough.”

Rhona Berens, ACC

“…responsive, insightful and supportive.”

Steve Kosch, MC

“…helped me develop a world-class website.”

Lee Block, CPC

“…put it to the test and it WORKED!”

Joshua Wayne, NCC

“…cut years off my learning curve.”


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