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Everything You Need to Launch & Grow Your Personal Brand

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SavvyHippo was created to give personal brands everything they need to succeed: a professionally-designed website that gets results and the personal coaching necessary to turn bright ideas into exciting realities.

You’re not like everyone else. You need things done a certain way to succeed as a personal brand: a site that builds authority, a giveaway that builds an audience, and the automation to make it all work seamlessly. That’s precisely what SavvyHippo’s design service delivers.

We all know the value of coaching: shortened learning curve, motivation, quicker results, accountability… But with that value came a hefty price tag. Not anymore. At SavvyHippo, we put direct access to an experienced coach within reach of every brand that wants it.

"SavvyHippo took my ideas and insights and created a beautiful, effective website–from landing page to lead magnet–and I’m thrilled with the result."

Teri Lynn Haass, Creator of The Personal Plan

"SavvyHippo combines an understanding of how to integrate the image of expertise with a solid design to produce a functional and impressive site."

Daniel Stone, Consultant to Clinton Global Initiative

Welcome to SavvyHippo. My name is Jason Gracia, founder & CEO, and unlike most personal brand agencies I made my living for 15 years as a personal brand (blogger, author, coach, consultant), reaching millions with my message, building audiences of 70,000 and 65,000, and selling over $1,000,000 worth of my products and services.

This is the Hippo Difference. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with an expert not only in design but also in personal brand building, an expert who knows what you need to launch and to grow. More than a pretty website, we leave our clients with a brand that captures the heart of their audience and a site that is as beautiful as it is effective.

Ready to Launch Your Personal Brand in Style?

Whether you need a brand new site or a brand new perspective, you're in the right place. Website Design1/1 Coaching

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